Adios Grocery Store

Moms, we have all been there! Perhaps your spouse is out-of-town for the weekend and you need to pick up a few groceries from your local grocer. Yet, the thought of dragging your children with you to the store is less than glamorous. Temper tantrums, whining, screaming, “I want, I want!” No, thank you!

When I heard about Kroger’s Click List I could not wait to try it! You may be wondering, “what is Click List?” Click List is an online grocery ordering service and it is AMAZING!

The order process is pretty straight forward. Simply visit Kroger Click List. If you do not have a Kroger account you will need to create one and link your Kroger Rewards Card to maximize your savings. Add your items to your cart, schedule your pick up, and submit your order. (There is a $4.99 service fee that does vary by location, however, the fee is waived your first three shopping experiences.)

Like the ordering process, pick up is simple too. I arrived at my local Kroger and parked in the reserved area for Click List. Once I parked, I called the telephone number as directed.


The associate brought my groceries to my minivan, loaded them into my trunk, and I headed home.



My experience with Click List was really great and I would highly recommend the online grocery service not only to busy moms, but everybody. I may never go to the grocery store again!

Would you try an online grocery ordering service?

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