My Top 3 Back Packs for Back to School

Before I know it, August 3rd will be here and Tallen, as will many children in Georgia, will be headed back to school. How will the plethora of permission slips, PTA forms, t-shirt order forms, and classroom newsletters make it home? A backpack of course.

Here are my Top 3  Back Packs for 2017.

  1. Junior Original Book Pack by L.L. Bean Save 20% off of this item using code KIDS20. Sale Ends Sunday, 8/27/2017.
L.L. Bean Junior Original Book Back, $24.95
L.L. Bean Junior Original Book Pack, $24.95

2. Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax Solid Navy/Green Back Pack


Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax Solid Navy Green Trip Backpack
Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax Solid/Navy Green Back Pack, $23 (not customized)

3. Nike Classic North Back Pack

Nike Classic North Backpack
Nike Classic North Back Pack, $24.99 (Academy Sports)

Our Best Parenting Decision of 2017

Two months ago we rented a two bedroom, two bath beach cottage in Laguna Beach, Florida. I was very leery of letting the boys sleep on bunk beds and was having a serious case of “renters remorse.” Nonetheless, here we were staring these bunk beds right dead in the eye!

My husband sat down and explained the mechanics of the bunk beds and stressed to Tallen and Trace that these were not toys – no rough housing and no jumping. (Yeah right!)

Skeptical that they would actually listen, my husband also threw out the idea of combining the boy’s bedrooms at home and making Trace’s bedroom a playroom. I loved this idea, as it would rid our nooks and crannies of random toys!  Yet, I was still skeptical they would behave.

Don’t you know they surprised me? No issues – not one.

We moved forward with turning Tallen’s bedroom into a shared bedroom with full-full bunk beds from Hayneedle , bedding from Target , stools from our local Bargain Hunt , the dresser from Bucket List Antiques, and the window panels (not shown) from TJ Maxx.



20170617_121447 (1)

We are still working on the finishing touches, but I could not be more happy with this move. The boys love their new shared bedroom and designated playroom. And Mom and Dad love that toys aren’t spewed all over the house! Seriously, this has to be our best parenting decision of 2017. It is a win-win!

Do  your little ones share a bedroom?