The Beginning of the New Year

At a quick glance of the calendar, I cannot believe January is almost over. We have been quite busy beginning this New Year!

We brought in 2017 at home, quietly with my parents who were visiting from Pennsylvania.


And on New Year’s Day we had the amazing honor of celebrating my husband’s great-grandmother’s 100th birthday. It’s amazing to ponder on the societal changes that she has seen over the course of 100 years. Remarkable!


In the following two weekends, we celebrated the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by attending our city’s annual banquet. The speakers message was quite simple, but powerful. Drawing from the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37), the speaker posed the following questions to the audience, “Are we willing to do whatever it takes to lift up someone who is hurting?” he said. “Are we wiling to do whatever it takes to help a child who does not have food, or a single parent who may be struggling to make ends meet?” “Maybe we pray for someone but we do not help them,” he said. “We must be able to do whatever it takes if we are to keep (King’s) dream alive. When we see someone who is down, we have to act with a sense of urgency to help them.”


In between all of those events, we have had winter weather, summer weather, and several basketball games.

How has the beginning of your New Year been?

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