Earn Cash Back Christmas Shopping with Ebates

Over the last couple of years, I have completed most of my Christmas shopping online. The crowds, the chaos and the commotion gets to be too much. Plus, with two kids, it is hard to get out to the traditional brick and mortar retail stores.

This year, in addition to shopping online, I began to use Ebates, an online cash back shopping leader. I had heard of Ebates, but like most things, never really paid it too much attention.

It’s quite simple and FREE. Here is how it works! Normally when you shop online, you would go directly to that online retailer’s website. Instead of going directly to their website, you shop that retailer through Ebates and earn cash back on your purchases. Cash back is paid quarterly, and you have the option to receive your cash back via check or PayPal. I chose the PayPal option and have already received payment for some Christmas items I have purchased. Win – Win!

The entire process from signing up to checking out is smooth. It is very intuitive and not clunky. There is also a great variety of retailers offering cash back. My only regret is not signing up sooner!

Do you want to earn cash back? Try Ebates!




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