Lessons Learned in the First Month of PreK

Well, it has been officially one month since Tallen started pre-kindergarten. That is almost hard to believe, but we have made it and are quite adjusted. With any new parenting adventure, you can always expect bumps in the road. Here are three lessons we learned as we navigated this new transition.

Prepare Younger Siblings – We did not prepare our younger son, Trace for Tallen’s start of pre-kindergarten. Honestly, we were so focused on Tallen and school that we ignored him. Sad, but true. Our boys are two years apart, and Trace has been attending daycare with Tallen since he has been born. He had anxiety. He cried in the mornings on the way to daycare asking where his brother was. He had diarrhea. He would run to Tallen’s room when I would come to pick him up, only to realize Tallen was not there. He was pitiful. It was hell. We were not prepared.

I would highly recommend preparing younger siblings. Talk to them. Make an extra fuss over them. Include them. Reassure them.  I am not sure what the solution is, but do not ignore them and how the change could potentially affect them. We failed miserably!

Embrace the Village – My husband and I are fortunate that my mother in law teaches at the elementary school Tallen attends. At first I felt bad that she was bringing Tallen home from school. I have a hard time accepting help, however, I am accepting the help and embracing the village – well maybe not quite a village, but you know what I mean!

Anxiety – It is alright to feel anxious. For years I thought I would be happy when Tallen went to public (free) pre-kindergarten, especially having two in daycare. But, I was wrong again! I was nervous that his class size was essentially tripling. I was nervous about him eating lunch. I was worried about older students. I was worried that I did not know the teacher(s) or parents. I was nervous and worried about everything. Like I said, it is alright to experience those feelings and eventually they will subside

What was your experience sending your first child to pre-kindergarten?

What tips would you share to help ease the transition?

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