I Did Something I Have Never Done Before

Today I did something I have never done before. I hired a house keeping service to clean our home. Typically, I make an honest effort to maintain a clean home – I don’t do well in chaos and I can always hear my grandmother saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

HOWEVER, in the last month, things have gotten away from me. To tell the truth, I became so overwhelmed with my Six Sigma Certification for work, a lot of things had “gotten away.”

I kept telling myself, after this certification/exam is over I’m going to work on x, y and z, but let’s get real, it did not happen! After a week of procrastinating and my son’s upcoming birthday party this weekend (the pressure was on) I decided to call in the professionals. It took a lot for me to ask for help. For starters, I felt ashamed. How can I not keep my own home maintained? Isn’t that my “job” as a wife and mother? Second, I could not get past the presumption that cleaning services were for the “rich.” And hell, we are far from rich! Who do I think I am getting a “house keeper?”


The expectations we face oftentimes are unrealistic. As mothers we face so many pressures. Pressures we place on ourselves and pressures that society places on us. We are expected to bring home the bacon – well at least some of the bacon, fry it up, and clean up the frying pan. It’s too much.

Our homes should look like a spread in Southern Living. Our children dressed as if they could be in a Gap advertisement. Our husbands out of Brooks Brothers and us Mommies, like we walked off the runways of New York Fashion Week. Again, too damn much!


Today I did something I have never done before. Something that goes beyond hiring a house keeping service. I made the choice to stare unrealistic expectations in the face. I made the choice to ask for help. Perhaps this will be the beginning of me asking for help.

What unrealistic expectations do you face as a Mom? Won’t you ask for help?

2 thoughts on “I Did Something I Have Never Done Before

  1. Definitely cleaning up!!! I have to say you did a really good thing!! i did the same!! and life is sooo much better!! one more unrealistic expectation i face as a mom is regarding kids birthday parties!!! Just did a snow white themed birthday party!! and i believe i did it better this time! 🙂


  2. That I can dust, change the sheets, wash the clothes, clean the bathrooms and kitchens and do everything by myself in one day. Nope, I need to break it up and do it bit by bit. I’m learning to give my son some responsibility too to help in this.


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