5 Tips for a Drama Free Back to School

On Monday, Tallen began pre-kindergarten at our local city school district. I will admit, our week has pretty much been turned upside down. Tardy bells, packing lunches, breakfast money, and two kids in two different locations – these things are all new to me and we are taking them in stride. As with any new routine, there are always bumps along the way, but below are some great tips to ease the back to school growing pains.

Back to School Tee by M.C. Obsessions

1. Prepare your child’s lunch in advance.

Are your mornings a three ring circus? I know ours are! Prepare your child’s lunch the evening before school. Tallen is pretty picky when it comes to eating and rather than throw money away, we chose to prepare his lunch for him. We stick with a turkey breast sandwich, mandarin oranges, an apple, gold fish and an Apple and Eve juice box.

2. Set your child’s clothing out in advance.

This is one of the reasons why I love having a son. I’ll be honest, there are not too many options for boys, and so pre-planning Tallen’s outfits is pretty much a no brainer. T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers are a must.

3. Put your child’s school supplies/forms back into their book bag the evening before school.

Like I said, pre-kindergarten has just begun and we are learning the ropes. I find it easy to go through all of Tallen’s forms and send them back in his “communicator” folder. Which is sheer genius.

4. Stick to a routine.

I must admit, sending both of our boys to daycare and establishing a routine has made the transition to public pre-kindergarten a breeze. Our schedule is pretty much the same. If your child has not been in a routine, I would suggest starting a few weeks in advance with a bedtime routine and sticking with it.

5. Organize or Start a Family Calendar.

I have always said, if it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening. My husband and I both have Google email addresses. We like to keep things pretty simple by putting all events – work, personal, sports, school, etc. on our calendars. We can view each other’s activities, schedule activities, set reminders, and do what is necessary to manage our busy lives!

What are some tips that help your family during the back to school season?

I always love hearing how you manage and stay organized.

One thought on “5 Tips for a Drama Free Back to School

  1. I get my son’s clothes out at night, organize his book bag the night before, put all meetings on my calendar (PTSA, teacher meetings, doctor’s appointments, swim, guitar and soccer) and I get up early to pray over and for him while he’s still sleeping before I head downstairs to make breakfast.


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