Prepping for House Guests with E-Cloth

This weekend I have been frantically preparing for our Pennsylvania house guests – Grammy and Pap! The boys love when they visit, and of course, my husband and I do too! Like with any house guest, you like to spruce up the home front. And after the last two weeks of swimming lessons, work trainings, vehicles’ being recalled and children having diarrhea, our house needs some sprucing up! Ha!

I had the opportunity to review the E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth. At first I was quite skeptical. I am use to using cleaning solutions and this product directs you to simply use water. Following the directions, I ran my e-cloth under my water facet and began to wipe off my coffee stained countertops and grease spattered oven. I must admit, I was quite impressed. Both areas cleaned up nicely. I decided to I run the cloth over my kitchen table, chairs and Trace’s high chair. Again, shiny and clean.


Voted Best Cleaning Cloth and Best Washable Mop by Real Simple Magazine, E-Cloth deals Mom’s like you and I an easier, faster, environmentally friendly cleaning solution without compromising on cleanliness. Removing 99.9% of bacteria, the reusable E-Cloth guarantees 300 washes.

To learn more about E-Cloth products and how they can make cleaning your home a less tedious task, visit their website at or any of their social media sites;, or

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