Prepping for House Guests with E-Cloth

This weekend I have been frantically preparing for our Pennsylvania house guests – Grammy and Pap! The boys love when they visit, and of course, my husband and I do too! Like with any house guest, you like to spruce up the home front. And after the last two weeks of swimming lessons, work trainings, vehicles’ being recalled and children having diarrhea, our house needs some sprucing up! Ha!

I had the opportunity to review the E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth. At first I was quite skeptical. I am use to using cleaning solutions and this product directs you to simply use water. Following the directions, I ran my e-cloth under my water facet and began to wipe off my coffee stained countertops and grease spattered oven. I must admit, I was quite impressed. Both areas cleaned up nicely. I decided to I run the cloth over my kitchen table, chairs and Trace’s high chair. Again, shiny and clean.


Voted Best Cleaning Cloth and Best Washable Mop by Real Simple Magazine, E-Cloth deals Mom’s like you and I an easier, faster, environmentally friendly cleaning solution without compromising on cleanliness. Removing 99.9% of bacteria, the reusable E-Cloth guarantees 300 washes.

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Our Anxiety Filled Swim Lesson

Last night I packed his bag – towel, swim trunks, swim shirt, and sunscreen. I dropped him off at his regular time at daycare and told him I would be back around 11:30ish to pick him up for swimming lessons.

Today marks day one of fourteen, of Tallen’s swim lessons. I did not think much of it when I signed him up. It was no different than basketball, flag football, soccer or tennis, right? Wrong!

I left work right at 11:30 a.m. to go grab Tallen. I quickly got him changed and we zipped off in the “mini-van.”

He was so excited; talking a mile a minute. The more excited he became, the more nervous I got. I parked the van and looked in the rear view mirror. I noticed hives quickly spreading across my face and neck. Was I nervous? Nah, couldn’t be!

Ignoring the hives, I hurried him out of the car (you know we are always late). A quick trip to the restroom and then we had a seat and waited for the director to assign the swimmers to the lifeguards. Tallen started to get very impatient. “When am I going in the water?” He asked. “They’re so slow.”

I glanced at my cell phone to check the time. Things were right on schedule. My stomach began to turn. It was in knots and I finally admitted to myself that I was nervous. They called his name and off he went with his group. I almost burst into tears!

Tallen has no fear of the water and trust me this was not his first go round. But something about him NOT having on a life jacket and NOT being within an arms length of my husband and I had me terrified! I was supposed to entrust my son’s care to some teeny bopper, life guard? I don’t think so!

I was on edge for the first half-hour. My eyes were glued to him like white on rice; ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. I slowly began to ease up when I saw a fellow Mom I knew and even managed to snap some pictures. Before I knew it, lessons were over and my main man was in tears because he couldn’t jump off the diving board again. Yes, the diving board! He absolutely loved it!

And so it begins. Our grip on our boys is slowly beginning to loosen! Our first born is slowly, but surely swimming away. 😦

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Our Fourth of July in Southwestern Pennsylvania

This short week has been a whirlwind. My family and I returned to Georgia from visiting my parents in Pennsylvania. We always have a great trip, but this one was particularly special. After pulling an all-nighter and zipping through the West Virginia Mountains, we arrived safely at my parents Thursday morning.

Wild Wonderful West Virginia 

Thursday evening, we celebrated my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday at my brother’s. The kids swam, ran, played and had a friendly game of corn hole. I love watching Tallen and Trace interact with their Pennsylvania cousins. Despite not seeing them since Thanksgiving, they pick right back up where they left off- the best of friends.

Cousin Love!

Friday was pretty low-key. We started the morning taking Tallen and Trace to Crooked Creek Lake. It remains pretty much unchanged as I remember it. The T’s had a ball with my Mom on the teeter totter. I’m not sure if she had as much fun.

Crooked Creek Lake

That evening, I got together with my best friends and their families. We ate pulled pork and sipped on wine from the Wooden Door Winery, as the kids ran around and played in the back yard. There is something about a glass of wine with your girlfriends that is good for your soul!

Saturday was a whirlwind. We rose early and watched the runners in the 5k. I promise next year I will try to get my life together and run! During lunch, we celebrated my Cousin Alice’s 100th birthday, as she sat alongside my Uncle Clarence who is also 100! Amazing! Next we watched two of our friends tie the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony. We finished up the evening at the Ford City Annual Parade.

We love to ride bikes, so Sunday morning we rode along the Allegheny River and admired the boats at the marina. That afternoon we had a pretty large family picnic, ranging from my 100 year old Uncle to my 9 month old nephew. It was great to see the different generations together and of course my sweet 100 year old uncle playing with my baby nephew.

Allegheny River, Pennsylvania

Monday we celebrated the Fourth of July in typical fashion; although someone didn’t quite like the fireworks. And Wednesday, it was back to work.

Trace & Tallen, Allegheny River, Pennsylvaina

I’d love to hear what you did over the Fourth of July weekend!