I Was Not Expecting To Leave With a Cast

Yesterday I was reeling. I kept going back and forth whether to write a blog post or not. I was angry, sad, discouraged, and embarrassed. I wanted to throw the towel in. There have been plenty of days when I have wanted to throw the towel in. Being a mother is hard as hell and filled with dramatics – and I’m not one for dramatics. Let me digress….

You’re probably wondering why I was reeling. I’ll rewind. Over Memorial Day Weekend we took the boys to Jekyll Island, Georgia. We had a blast. The boys had the time of their lives. We came away from the beach unscathed – or so I thought!

That Sunday afternoon, the boys were out playing in the ocean (supervised of course). Trace fell in a sandbar. Nothing dramatic, nothing serious, and nothing different from any other time he has fallen down. He cried for minute. My husband picked him up and consoled him and then he was up and back at it.

The next morning he was limping. My husband and I assumed he had sprained something, but didn’t think much of it. There was no swelling, no bruising, nothing. And that evening when we got home he was running around and jumping on the trampoline. He could not be in “that much pain!”

He continued to walk with a slight limp. It was intermittent. Nothing was slowing him down. He continued his normal play, so we continued to ice him and give him Advil – still no swelling or bruising. It wasn’t until after an evening walk and playing in the sprinkler (about a week and half later) that a red flag was raised.

Our regular 10-12 hour sleeper had an awful night. I found him standing in the middle of his bedroom screaming bloody murder. Nothing would console him. He screamed and cried, and cried, and cried, and cried! I wanted to cry too.

That next day we took him to urgent care. Wanting to do a “conservative, wait and see approach,” they examined him thoroughly and recommended that if he was still limping, to take him to his pediatrician. Of course, he was still limping and we took him to the pediatrician. We had his knee x-rayed because we thought that was what was bothering him. Nothing, the x-ray came back clear.

After all of that, and continuing to treat him, he just didn’t seem right – still playing, but just not “right”. We were determined to figure out what was going on, so we made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

At his appointment yesterday morning, we ran through what was happening and did more x-rays. This time from his hip down to his tiny toes. Seriously, I wasn’t thinking anything would come of it, so you can imagine my shock when we left with a cast!

The diagnosis, a toddler fracture and he will be in a cast for three weeks, which ought to be interesting since this morning he has been screaming he wants this “disgusting thing off.”

So why share this?

It’s twofold. Oftentimes, we take medical professionals instructions and go with it. We don’t challenge them. If you feel like something is wrong with your child, or yourself for that matter, do not stop until you are satisfied and confident all possibilities are explored.

Second, I want parents to know what a toddler fracture is; what to look for. For my husband and me, I think pinpointing what was going on proved to be very elusive. And factor in a 2 year old, who when you ask what is wrong, do you hurt, they laugh and giggle!

Like I said earlier, being a mother is hard as hell and filled with dramatics. Everyday you’re learning new things and taking on new challenges. I’m quite sure the next three weeks are going to be a challenge, but in the meantime, won’t you sign my cast?


4 thoughts on “I Was Not Expecting To Leave With a Cast

  1. Hope your son feels better soon! My daughter also fractured her foot earlier this year from slipping off of our mattress (which ironically sits on the floor to help prevent an accident). Like you, I also would never had imagined she would need a cast for the injury because I watched it happen just inches from her and it seemed minor. Good point about the giggling because my daughter didn’t even flinch when we examined her the next morning. Luckily there shouldn’t be any long lasting impact to their well being 😉 Good luck!


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