Passing Down Summer Pastimes

This afternoon I signed Tallen up for tennis camp and swim lessons. After I made the appropriate calls, I began to daydream and reminisce of the fun summers I spent as a child hanging out at Boulder Park in Ford City. We didn’t have any rigid schedules, commitments, or camps. We just had good old clean fun, ripping and running around town making memories.

Are you looking for some fun things to do this summer while your little ones are on break?

Here are some of my favorite pastimes that I can’t wait to pass on to Tallen and Trace!

Playground – Visit your local playground and run, jump, swing and slide!

Swing Set

Popsicle – Cool off with a Popsicle or ice cream. As a child we loved running over to Folcik’s Service Station to grab a cool snack and penny candy.


Fishing – Growing up on the banks of the Allegheny River my Grandpa would always take us out on the boat. Although I hated the worms, I loved fishing.


Biking – Grab your bikes and go for a spin. I use love riding my bike. We’d ride all over town for hours. And yes, I did have a bike with a banana seat!


Roller Skating – I know, I’m aging myself but, we use to roller skate and roller blade all over the basketball court at Boulder Park. Checking out a roller skating rink  with your little ones would be tons of fun.


What are some of your favorite childhood summer memories that you would like to pass down to your children?


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