What Mother’s Day Weekend Taught Me

I have been missing in action for the last few days. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and right now I have been in survival mode and taking things as they come. Friday my husband and I received some disappointing news. Rather than dwell on it, we made the choice to enjoy the plans we had for the weekend. Our Saturday was off to a great start, that is, until our son Trace had another accident that required an emergency room visit! ¬†Fortunately, four stitches in his head didn’t put a damper on things. Sunday was relaxing. The boys cooked a wonderful breakfast and dinner for Mother’s Day. I got some pretty awesome gifts too. Fast forward to Tuesday, my husband and I celebrated his birthday with dinner and much needed drinks! As for tonight, I’m snuggled in bed with Tallen and Trace. Well I shouldn’t call it snuggling. They’re both sitting on my back as I lay here and type. I’m waiting to get knocked upside the head.

My point, sometimes things do not go as planned; life disappoints, accidents happen and schedules get disrupted. But as long as you have the ones that you love beside you and faith in the Lord, none of that other “stuff” matters.

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