7 Great Products for Eczema

Last week I had received a picture of Tallen’s arm from his teacher. It was his persistent, patchy eczema. We have literally been battling this skin rash since he was born! In recent years his eczema has improved, however it wasn’t always that way. I have looked back on pictures of him during his first year of life and sadly, some of them are not too pretty!

Eczema is a pretty common skin disease. When Tallen was first born, the rash was on his face, cheeks, trunk, arms and legs – basically his entire body. He looked like a Crunch bar. I know that’s mean, but I’m his Mom and he truly did! I would spend countless hours tending to his rash. Around the time he turned 3, the rash subsided significantly and was more concentrated in the folds of his arms, legs and ankles. Now at age 4, I can say with confidence we have his eczema under control. FINALLY!

Over the years, these are a few of the products that I have found to work.

Clockwise: Gold Bond Intensive Healing Anti-Itch Skin Protectant Cream (Prescription Only), Mometasone Furoate Cream, Coconut Oil, Crisco, Kirk’s Csatile Soap, Aveeno Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment, Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief


Have you had any experience with eczema?

What has worked for you?

5 thoughts on “7 Great Products for Eczema

      1. I just started with it. A gentleman who uses it on his hair at the barbershop makes the natural hair soap and body butter and told me to try it. We’ll see.


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