Why I Love Being a Mom of Boys

I am a Mom of two boys. Two wild, crazy, Evil Knievel boys. Over the years, I can not tell you how many people have asked me if we are going to try for a  “girl.” Besides the fact that I cannot have anymore children, our family is complete. I am content with my “boys” and truly love every moment where they nearly cause me to have a heart attack, which is often!

Here are 10 reasons Why I Love Being a Mom of Boys

  1. They use my err…”feminine products” as swords.
  2. They stare at my feet and toe separators in sheer terror post-pedicure.
  3. In the rare event that I wear lipstick, and I do mean rare, they ask who colored on my lips.
  4. When I remove my box braids, they tell me that I look like a lion.
  5. They build me castles with their blocks, because I am the Queen Bee around these parts.
  6. They pout when I make them wear collared shirts, because somehow collared shirts equate to handsome and who wants that? Gross!
  7. When I straighten my hair, they ask what is that smell. Just burning hair baby, burning hair!
  8. When I don’t straighten my hair, they yell that there are bugs on the floor. Nope, those are just hair balls!
  9. When they want something, they kiss up to me and say I’m pretty.
  10.  When they ask me to tickle them or hold them I happily oblige, because they sure can’t sit still for a hot minute.

The list could seriously go on and on, but these two little Tasmanian devils have stolen this “girls” heart forever.

Do you have a boy(s)? What are some things you love about being a boy mom?


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Being a Mom of Boys

  1. Love this post. Mine is not quite 6 months, but I love watching him with his daddy the most; he lights up when daddy comes home 🙂


  2. I love this post. I love my baby boy too…I never really wanted boys (I thought). But, God knew I needed him to make my job as a mom complete. He is so very kind hearted and treats me like a queen…At the same time, he “brings the crazy” as I tell him all the time.


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