April Showers Bring Fashionable Rain Gear

A few Valentine’s ago my husband picked up a cute, pink and purple plaid North Face rain jacket for me. At first I could not imagine why he would buy me a rain jacket. But let me tell you, I wear that rain jacket more often than not and it is great for transporting the T’s to and from daycare in the pouring rain! Which seems to a frequent occurrence  these past couple of weeks.

While I’m not a fan of rain or tornado season, there is no reason you should not have some cute rain gear.

Check out these fashionable finds:


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From left to right:

Women’s Columbia Rain Dancer Hooded Jacket; $65.00

Women’s Hunter Pink Original Tour Gloss Rain Boot; $150.00

Women’s North Face Mindfully Designed Poncho; $149.00

Women’s Hunter Original Short Color Haze Rain Boot; $165.00

Women’s L.L. Bean 8″ Thinsulate Bean Boots; $139.00

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