More Cheese Please

It started with one too many cheese sticks. My little one loves cheese! And I love to hear his little voice, “Mama, more cheese. Mama, more cheese.” Well what was intended to be an after school snack, turned to crap. Or should I say, lack there of! My little man became constipated! I know…TMI! After a quick modification to his diet (no more cheese sticks), his bowel movements were back to normal within a day or two.

Here are my Top 3  Products for Toddler Constipation

  1. Plum Organic Baby Just Fruit, Prunes; Shop Plum Organics
  2. Fiber One Fruit Flavored Snacks; Shop Fiber One
  3. Apples

Constipation in toddlers is a pretty normal occurrence. For more information check out this write up from Baby Center.

Constipation in Toddlers

What works for you when your LO has too much cheese? 😉


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