What I Want My Extrovert Husband to Know About His Introvert Wife

Yesterday was Friday. Typically I am at ease and ready to get the weekend started. However, for some odd reason I was exceptionally tired and had a headache. I had some errands I needed to run, but really I just wanted to crawl in the bed at 7:00 p.m. Knowing my husband was going to be out of town Saturday, I popped an Advil and went about my errands.

I returned home about two hours later. My husband kept asking me what was wrong with me. Nothing was wrong with me, unless you count that fact that I felt refreshed and was headache-free! And that is what introversion is – getting my energy from within.

I’m constantly reminding my husband that as an introvert I need the following:

Support – Proactively recognize when I am tired and getting my panties in a bunch. Stress is a daily occurrence. Stepping in and helping to reduce a stressful situation is invaluable.

Mom-ME Time – Allow me to spend time alone in silence. The minute I get up I am “on.” From pleasantly greeting the daycare employees, interacting with my colleagues, to working in a sales support role. When I get home, I’m talked out! Again, I regain my energy from within. Fifteen to thirty minutes of ME time is golden. I can recharge and be “on” again.

Don’t Call Me – I know, this sounds so rude. Unless it is a dire emergency or some juicy gossip, just text me.

Friendship – My circle is small, very small. Pressure to make friends or be “paired” up with a couple makes my skin crawl. I prefer to make friends on my own terms.

Decisions – I’m a Libra and an introvert. Being rushed to make quick decisions or act spontaneously sends me into a frenzy. I can literally feel my blood pressure rising. Either make the decision and act, or be prepared for me to think, think and think some more.

And last, this one is for my tempter tantrum throwing boys. Never embarrass me in public! Again, never embarrass me in public! Better said than done, right? Ha-ha. But seriously, introverts never like to be embarrassed in public.

I’m curious, do you identify as an introvert or extrovert?

How does your significant other identify?






2 thoughts on “What I Want My Extrovert Husband to Know About His Introvert Wife

  1. Love this, thanks for sharing! I’m definitely a full on extrovert, but I’m glad that I got to hear the other side of it because my significant other is an introvert. I’ll keep these tips in mind!


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