Why I Let My Sons Play on a Trampoline

Trampolines and inflatable bounce houses have been getting a bad wrap lately. Some experts have even deemed them “dangerous.” To each her own, but I let my two rambunctious boys partake in both. Quite frankly, they can’t be any more dangerous than doors, media stands and stairs. All of which have led to our many emergency room visits. Hell, “Santa” even surprised them with their own personal trampoline for Christmas.

Here is why we are “pro-trampoline.”

Exercise – A lot of kids today do not get a lot of exercise. We turn on our televisions, iPads, tablets, computers or what have you, and park our kids in front of them. I myself am guilty of this. Now that we have the trampoline, I encourage the boys to go in the “man cave” and jump. Especially, when I’m trying to prepare dinner after daycare.

Determination – I remember Trace’s first experience with a trampoline at the local Jump Park in Chattanooga. He was scared and unsure. Like most kids, he wanted to keep up with his big brother. As insignificant as it might seem, he showed determination. He didn’t give up. He stayed the course until he mastered jumping.

Development of Motor Skills –  When the boys are playing and jumping on their trampoline, they’re using their brains believe it or not! Their brain and body must work together to maintain their balance and coordination.

Fun – Admit it, as “dangerous” as these trampolines are, they are fun. My boys love jumping and I love hearing them laugh and squeal with delight. There is something so cute about my two year old, Trace telling his big brother Tallen to “watch me, watch me.”

Exhaustion – This benefit is strictly for parents. When Tallen and Trace get done playing on their trampoline their cheeks are red. They’re sweaty. They’re tired! Let me repeat. They are TIRED! Tired children don’t pitch a fit when it’s time for bed. An uneventful bed routine makes for a happy Mommy.

So I’m curious, do you let your children play on trampolines or in inflatable bounce houses?

And if you’re as “dangerous” of a mom as I am, here is the link to the trampoline we bought our boys….oops I mean that “Santa” brought. 😉

Skywalker Trampolines





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