Preparing for Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist

Today was a big day for Tallen. It was his first trip to the dentist. Properly caring for my teeth and getting regular cleanings was ingrained in me at an early age. (I can still hear my mother to this very day saying, “you only get one set of teeth!”) It was a no brainer, that I would continue this pattern with my own children.

Tallen did a great job this afternoon, but it wasn’t without preparation.

Selecting Your Dentist: Do your research. Get recommendations. Ask around.  Identify your child’s needs. Perhaps you have a family dentist. Or would you fair better with a pediatric dentist?

Coach Your Child: We brush and floss Tallen’s teeth on a regular basis. He loves his Arm & Hammer Paw Patrol Spin Brush and toothpaste. He loves toothpaste so much that he even went through a phase of sneaking out of his bedroom to eat toothpaste! I’m glad that is behind us. But, coaching your child and talking to your child really helps ease their minds. Although we didn’t do this, you could read books or perhaps watch a video regarding dental care.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me

Be a Model Mother (or Father): Model the behavior and habits you would like your child to take on. If feasible, bring your child with you on one of your dental exams so they can get familiar with your dentist, if that is the route you decide to take. I also scheduled my appointment where Tallen and I would both have our teeth cleaned together. He watched curiously and asked questions. When it was his turn, he had no qualms about the dentist.

How was your child’s first trip to the dentist? I’d love to hear more tips and stories.




7 thoughts on “Preparing for Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist

  1. Horrible. He cried the entire time. He was 2. At 6 he started saying “I got this” and would walk back into the dentist chair without me. It was scary, but I realized he was comfortable now.


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