How Motherhood Calmed Me

Have you ever glanced down at your phone and wondered, “what’s wrong now?” Since becoming a mother, that seems to be my new norm; uncertainty, quickly switching gears, and going with the flow. It’s amazing how in four short years things change.

Prior to having kids, I was a major control freak. I’d ponder up a pretty good idea, play it out in my pretty little head, and pretty much watch it play out perfectly. If it didn’t, I was pretty pissed.

Fast forward to today, I take things as they come. In any given moment, someone may decide they need to use the bathroom right as we are about to walk out the door. Or maybe someone projectile vomits through your minivan one hour into a ten hour trip.  What ever it may be, fevers, stomach bugs, busted heads, broken fingers, emergency room visits, things that use to bother me, simply don’t bother me anymore.

Sometimes you have to give up something you want, in order to gain something in return and for me that was relinquishing control and gaining two boys in this wild, unpredictable journey called motherhood.

How has motherhood changed you?

One thought on “How Motherhood Calmed Me

  1. Great post! I think it’s great how all mother conversations echo each other. Of course motherhood has changed me I am so different from my old tomboy self and love it absolutely!


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