How We Survived the Flu

This holiday season brought many joys and memories, but it also brought the FLU! It was the Monday before Christmas that I got the “call” from daycare. Trace had a low-grade fever. Luckily, my husband was on vacation that week and went to pick up our little patient. He appeared to be alright – simply a runny nose and cough. However, the next morning, my husband text me stating he was going to take him the doctor. I didn’t object. See, he has asthma so  I assumed his cough and wheeze was just that – asthma. Dad would take him to the doctor, they would prescribe some prednislone, he would do a breathing treatment and they would on their merry way. You could imagine my dismay when my husband said he had the FLU!

After panicking (nobody has ever had the flu in our house) and bombing the house with Lysol on my lunch break, I gathered my composure. He had had the flu shot, perhaps this would be mild. And it was! By Wednesday he was back to his normal wild and loud self!

Here is how we survived.

  • Disinfecting – I always said Lysol wipes were a Moms best friend. I thoroughly cleaned our home, the boys bedrooms and washed the linens and toys.
  • Fluids – Trace didn’t seem too interested in eating, so we really pushed the fluids. Pedialyte, water and the Pedialyte freeze pops are our favorites.
  • Rest – The “one” day that Trace was down, we made sure he was resting. Honestly, this is the most still I have ever seen my child! Can’t he be this still and not be sick? Ha-ha.
  • Anti-Viral Medication – I think we caught the onset of the virus pretty quickly. Like I said, I thought it was an asthma flare up. Twice a day, for five days he took the Tamiflu anti-viral medication and continued with his regular breathing treatments of pulmicort and albuterol.
  • Hand Washing/Avoidance – I prayed the rest of the family didn’t catch the “cooties.” We were extra vigilant in hand washing and I tried to keep the boys separated as best I could. They weren’t too happy about that.

For more information on the flu, visit the Centers for Disease Control.

Flu Information for Parents and Children

Has the flu bug ever hit your home?

What tips would you suggest?


5 thoughts on “How We Survived the Flu

  1. These are great tips!!! Same things I went through the holiday season. The kids at the daycare just pass it around til you’re bound to catch it.


  2. I’m glad the whole family didn’t get sick. One time that happened to us when I was in elementary school and it was a nightmare. It was the stomach flu and with one bathroom you can only imagine the problems we had…


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