Giving Back During the Holidays

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to volunteer at one of our community Christmas events. Afterwards, I called my husband almost in tears. We had a brief conversation about how humbled I felt and how blessed our family is.

What particularly moved me was while volunteering, I was helping a mother shop for a pair of tennis shoes for her son. A few months back, our oldest son, Tallen needed a new pair of tennis shoes. Not thinking twice, we hopped in the car and headed to the store. This is embarrassing! We bought him not one, not two, but four pairs of shoes and our younger son, Trace, two pairs of shoes. That’s right, six pairs of shoes in one shopping trip! Shame!

What I took away from that volunteer experience was, that not everyone has the luxury to go and purchase items for their children when the need arises. In that aspect, I feel very blessed that we can provide for our sons. However, I was very humbled too. Anyone at any given moment can be on the receiving end. All it takes is one lost job, a medical emergency, death, etc.

With that being said, I would encourage everyone to count their blessing and to be a blessing to someone else.

Merry Christmas!



What every husband should get their wife for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner! Every year my husband asks me what I would like. Typically I give a generic answer; new boots, new purse, etc.

However, if my husband or any husband for that matter selected any of the below gifts for their wife, I guarantee they would have a very “merry” Christmas. 😉

Massage Therapy; Lugging the kids to and from daycare? Laptop bag, diaper bag, lunch bag? Do you feel like the “bag lady?” How wonderful would a massage be?
Housekeeping Service; Is cleaning a never ending cycle in your house? I’d love to pass this chore onto someone else. Wouldn’t you?
Hotel Accommodations; When is the last time you had a great nights sleep? No explanation needed here. Zzzz…..
Dinner; That is, dinner for one! No reheating in the microwave. No children picking off of your plate. Just peace, quiet and a good meal.
Wine; When in doubt, pour it up!



A Call from Santa

Little ones acting a little more naughty than nice?  Why not try the “A call from Santa” app by Net Unlimited?” This afternoon my two were at it. Picking, fighting, not listening. Since we’re so close to Christmas I thought a few words of “encouragement” from “Santa” would help Tallen.

I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store (Android). I was pleasantly surprised. I could personalize the call with his name, age, and words of encouragement. The look on Tallen’s face…. PRICELESS!