Trick or Treat Safety

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Who remembers chanting that song growing up? I loved going trick-or-treating, even if it was in the snow. Yes, snowing on Halloween is very possible in Pennsylvania! What I love even more is watching my boys get excited and scared (sorry) as they experience Halloween. With fun there is always some assumed risk.

Here are some tips on how to have a safe trick-or-treat experience.

• A responsible adult should always accompany children while they are trick-or-treating.
• Only go to houses that have a porch light on and that are well lit. Never go into a stranger’s house!
• Stay on well-lit streets and always stay on the sidewalk.
• Use cross walks if applicable.
• Never cross the street in between cars.
• If there isn’t a sidewalk, stay as far off of the road as possible and always walk facing traffic.
• Carry a flashlight or use reflective tape so children can easily be seen.
• If you have an older child and he/she is going without you, communicate and agree on an acceptable route and curfew. Encourage them to be in a large group and carry their cellphone.
• Check all candy before consumption.
• If something doesn’t seem right, go with your gut and contact your local police department.

What safety measures do you take when trick-or-treating?

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