Why I’ll Be Keeping a First Aid Kit in my Minivan

What a day! It started out foul and ended up just as foul. First, my younger son, Trace is teething. He was up at about 4 a.m. Then our dog, Tito decided he was going to go on a barking rampage at 5 a.m. And I reckon it was 6 a.m., when my older son, Tallen woke up crying that he had wet the bed.

Fast forward 12 hours later, and my older son, Tallen is still crying. This time we are on the soccer field. Him and one of the other little boys on the opposing team collided and hit heads. He is grasping his eye, screaming as he runs to me on the side line.

As a mother, my heart sank. No matter how many times you have been in this situation (in four years we’ve had three emergency room visits, but that’s another blog post) you are always anxious. I started to panic. My husband was at the veterinarian with Tito. Something bit him on the bottom –  that’s a whole other story too.

Quickly, I gained my composure. I checked his eye to see if it was bleeding. I checked his mouth and teeth as well. I made him count. Asked him a few questions. Once I saw that he was alright, I made him sit down and grab a drink. He was able to go back into the game and was fine.

As the night continued on, I kept thinking about this scenario. What if he had really gotten hurt? Would I know what to do? Would I panic? What would I do if I was alone? (Dad always steps in on the injuries.) All of these thoughts were racing through my head.

With these thoughts came clarity, a solution. I determined that it just might be a great idea to get up to date on my CPR and first aid certifications. Furthermore, I should probably keep a first aid kit in my mini-van and download the Red Cross app for my phone.

No parent wants to see their child get hurt, but, I would like to know how to react, rather than be standing like a deer in headlights!

To find a Red Cross course, please visit the link below.

Take a Class

To download the app for your phone, please visit the link below.

Red Cross Mobile Apps

To purchase a first aid kit, please visit the store link below.

First Aid Kits

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