Iced Almond Coffee

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love coffee. I practically drink it all day long – no judgment! For the past few years we had been using the Keurig, but I’d burn through k-cups in a few days.

Last Christmas my sweet husband bought me a good old-fashion coffee pot. I’ll admit, I frowned at first, but it made total sense for all the coffee I drank.

On rare occasions, I may have some coffee left over, and not wanting to waste I came up with this concoction.

Coffe Cubes
First, pour your remaining coffee into an ice tray and freeze.
Almond Milk
Second, pour Silk almond milk into a glass. I don’t care for sweet coffee, and opt for the original. I reckon the vanilla flavor would taste good as well.
Last, gently stir the ice cubes (coffee) and Silk almond milk. Now you have what I like to call, iced almond coffee.

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