Focus on Childhood Obesity: Just Move It!

Go, Go, Go! Ripping and running up and down the soccer field. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that children get one hour of physical activity per day. I know, an hour sounds like a lot, but when you take into consideration your childs’ free play at school and athletic practices, I suspect they are getting the daily recommendation.

There are so many ways to get your child up and moving. My husband and I are former athletes. Naturally, we signed Tallen up for several different sports. Still, we considered the health component that comes along with being active; improved strength and endurance, healthy bones and muscles and increased self-esteem.

Most cities, counties and school districts have youth athletics. Dalton Parks and Recreation Department offers several youth athletic programs beginning at the age of 4 and the majority of them are at no cost. Not in Dalton, Georgia? I would recommend doing a little research in your local community to see what offerings are available.

Maybe sports aren’t your thing. There are still plenty of ways to get moving. Head to your local walking track or playground. Park a little further away at school and walk your children in. Go for a bike ride or walk your dog.

There are so many ways to get active. And if all else fails, your little one will sleep great, which is a win-win for Mom!

What are some ways your family gets active?

10 thoughts on “Focus on Childhood Obesity: Just Move It!

  1. Fantastic blog and so agree with it all. We also are an a time family. We go hiking alot & we don’t own a car (our choice) we walk everywhere or on very long day trips to coasts etc use public transport like trains but still put in alot of walking too. Our kids do alot of outdoor pursuits like football & after school activities also. Keeping your children fit and healthy is your duty as a parent. Brilliant read and so true. X


    1. That’s amazing Lisa! Can I ask how old are your little ones? There are some great trails in Georgia, but my one year old is too heavy to carry & too little to hike. Most trails aren’t stroller friendly, but it’s something we want to try.


      1. Of course yeah. I am 35 & we have 5 children ages 3,5,10,13 and 18. Best advice I can give you if you really want to go hiking anywhere with a stoller is invest in a good hiking pram if u can. We highly recommend Urban Detour
        3 wheelers because they will literally go over any surface even lower ground rocks very easily. We have had them through all our children and they are amazing for hikers like us. We have hiked alot for many years now so we have always used them. Cannot recommend them highly enough. They are big and robust so not the kind of prams for shopping etc but we used to always had a little stroller for that and kept the big 3 wheeler for the hikes. Downside to 3 wheelers is they have tyres so do tend to puncture if going over glass but apart from that they are perfect and can last higher in age too. Some go up to age 5years which is great if they get too tired.

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  2. I returned to working out. However, I’ve always been concerned about childhood obesity and when my son turned three I signed him up for basketball, tumbling and softball. He didn’t like any of them. I kept signing him up for stuff primarily to keep active. They don’t do enough PE. So, now that he’s 7 he takes Tae Kwan Do, swimming and plays spring soccer.


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