Yes, I Traded My Lexus for a Minivan and I Give Zero Expletives!

After two years, I finally traded my Lexus ES350 for a Toyota Sienna. I loved my Lexus. Really, I did. The heated seats, automatic start, smooth ride, the list could go on. However, with two kids and sports beginning, it was time for the “Lettuce” as we dubbed her to go.

Many people voiced their distaste for the “minivan.” One of my former co-workers said, “Who wants to go from a Lexus to a minivan? That is crazy!”

Crazy? I’ll tell you what is crazy.

  •   Putting a stroller in my trunk and having no room for anything else to fit in there.
  • The passenger side seat being pushed the whole way to the front so my 4-year-old son’s knees won’t be in the back of the seat.
  • Dodging diaper bags, laptop bags, lunch bags and purses because, hell where else can I put them?
  • Telling other family members, nope you can’t ride with us because we basically have a “two-seater.”

Since I’m on a roll, I’ll go on and say what isn’t crazy.

  • My boys getting in and out of the minivan with ease. I love the sliding doors. Do I need to mention they have tons of extra room?
  • Getting comparable gas mileage to my Lexus.
  • Feeling safer.
  • Staying within budget. Who can afford a 2015 Suburban at 75k? Not me. Kudos to you if you can.
  • And I don’t need to brag on the reliability of Toyota.

So call me “crazy” or “uncool.” I’ll be honest, the only thing I care about is the safety of my children and having a quality, functional vehicle that meets our everyday needs. If the vehicle that meets our criteria is a minivan, then “uncool” I’ll be.

I give zero expletives.

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