What To Do With Worn Out Kids Items

I don’t know about y’all, but our house is quickly approaching the birthday and holiday season. My older son Tallen’s birthday is in August and my younger son Trace’s birthday is in October. Then we’ll be in the midst of the Christmas Season. It is during this time that I like to go through their clothing and toy items and donate what is no longer needed.

Have you ever sorted through clothing items, but did not want to donate them because they were well-worn or perhaps even had holes?

Well I have the great honor and privilege of sitting on the advisory board at our local Salvation Army. There they can take clothing items and shoes that cannot be sold in the thrift store and sell them as mixed clothing bales. The clothing bales are then used to help cloth many around the world.

So hang on to those denim jeans with holes in the knees or those worn out Nikes. The chances are very high that your local thrift store can still use the items to generate revenue and in turn, use those funds to assist those in need right in your community.

It’s a win – win.

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