Why We Immunize Our Boys

What a hectic week! Three out of our five days were spent at home with my little Trace. He has strep throat and bronchitis! While at the doctor’s office the nurse went through her laundry list of standard questions. One question she asked was if Trace was up to date with his immunizations. With August being National Immunization Awareness Month, I thought this would be the perfect segway into writing about why I vaccinate my boys.

Safety: I’ve spoken to my pediatrician. I have done the research. Vaccines, like many things are only introduced to the public after extensive and thorough reviews by scientists, doctors, and healthcare providers. Yes, there are risks and possible side effects, but, what doesn’t have a risk or possible side effect? It did not take much convincing. The pros definitely outweighed the cons.

Healthy Lifestyle: My husband and I want our boys to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible. Modern medicine has come a long way since our grandparents or even great-grandparents. Today, our boys can be protected against diseases that historically caused death or paralysis.

Protecting Others: Not only does vaccinating our boys keep them safe, it also keeps everyone they come in contact with safe and helps prevents the spread of disease. Oftentimes, in the educational setting you must show documentation of immunization.

Lowering Medical Expenses: Most medical plans cover immunizations. Do I take the “chance” of one of my boys getting an immunization preventable disease like pertusiss (whooping cough) and having medical expenses associated with the illness, or do I get an immunization that is covered up front? I think the latter.

While the choice to immunize is solely on individual families, I would encourage everyone to consult your health care provider and discuss any concerns you may have.

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