Best Items to Buy at the Dollar Tree

Oftentimes stores like the Dollar General, Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree get bad reputations. I certainly can understand that. I probably would not trust sunscreen, diapers, or an ovulation predictor kit, but to each his own. However, if you commit to looking, you will find some brand name items and the Dollar Tree does accept manufacturing coupons – double bonus!

Below are a handful of items I like to pick up from our local Dollar Tree.

  1. Scottie Facial Tissue – With two children in daycare, one can never keep enough tissues.Scotties Facial Tissue
  1. Pamper Wipes – These small packs are great to keep in your diaper bag or in the glove compartment of your vehicle.Pamper
  1. Dawn Dish Detergent (Proctor & Gamble) – Although trial size, I typically run our dishes through the dishwasher. This size is perfect to use when I don’t have a full load. Dawn
  1. Bounty Paper Towels- Again, with two small children, these are great for all of their spills. Bounty Towels
  1. Fabuloso (Colgate Palmolive) – Great for mopping the kitchen and “the missed toilet spots” in the bathroom. Fabuloso

Other items I like to pick up also include; Charmin Freshmates To Go, Lysol To Go Disinfecting Wipes, Always Thin Panty Liners, and Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap.

Do you shop at the Dollar Tree? What are your favorite things to buy?

5 thoughts on “Best Items to Buy at the Dollar Tree

  1. I like to buy craft and school supplies from dollar stores. Once I picked up 8 bottles of Axe hair cream for men. Now that was a savings! I like getting the glass jars and cheap finger paint that I or in a plastic bag that my 9 month old can play with. It’s painting without the mess for $1!


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