Why is She Cutting the Grass?

It was a typical day. Drop the T’s off at daycare – work – pick up the T’s from daycare – head home – repeat. However, something caught the eye of my oldest son Tallen on our ride home. It was a woman mowing her lawn. He is 3 and is always asking “why.” Of course he asked me “why” she was cutting the grass and went on to ask “why” I don’t cut our grass and that Daddy cuts our grass. I could have easily hushed him, or blurted out any answer, but I didn’t. I wanted to give a thoughtful answer, a real answer.

I have a strong background in social services and if you are into labels, one would label me a feminist. I do believe in equal treatment of the genders; in fact I believe in equal treatment of everybody, but back to my story!

I looked in the mirror and I told him, “Yes, Daddy cuts our grass. Mommy can cut the grass too.” I went on to say, “Girls and boys can cut grass.” I talked about the chores we do around the house. I discussed how sometimes Mommy takes out the trash and sometimes Daddy makes dinner. We make the choice.

Our gender should not determine what chores we do, what sport we play, or what career path we take. And while my son is only 3, it’s never too early to start introducing issues of equality.

2 thoughts on “Why is She Cutting the Grass?

  1. It’s so funny that you posted this, because recently I decided that I would mow the lawn at our house. Growing up, my brothers did the yard work and I did the housework with my mom. Now I’m trying to learn the skills I missed out on as a kid! It’s so important not to limit your children.


  2. That’s great Lindsey! It was the same way when I grew up. I remember the first time I used an electric saw to trim some shrubs. It was awesome. I definitely do not want to limit my guys. Thanks for reading!


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