Cheers to Change

As a working mother, I have become accustomed to being flexible and making changes. Change is constant and it is not always easy or welcomed. It could be something as simple as a sick child or something drastic like a career change and relocation. With those changes, I always have to take into consideration my husband and the T’s. Every change or decision that affects Mom is going to affect our household. With that being said, I recently accepted a new position at the company I am currently employed with. Rewind to 7 years ago. If the hiring manager called me and offered me the position, I would have said YES without hesitation. Today, not so much.

Upon receiving the job offer, I kindly told the hiring manager that I needed some time and asked if it would be alright to give her my answer the following day. That evening, I spoke with my husband. Typically what we like to do is write out a pro’s versus con list. Yes, we do this for every major decision – cars, house, and careers. We talk candidly and go back for forth weighing the positives and negatives and playing out different scenarios. Particularly in this instance, there were not any negatives and I accepted the position.

By no means am I an expert decision maker or communicator. What I do know is that change is always going to touch our family and as a family we need to address those changes openly, honestly and work through them as unit.

Cheers to change!

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