T is for Trip!

It won’t be long before the T’s and I make our annual Fourth of July trip to Ford City, Pennsylvania. I absolutely love the Fourth of July; the parade, the fireworks and particularly my grandmother’s homemade ice cream! I have got to master that recipe, but that’s beside the point.

There are so many details that go into planning a 10 hour road trip with two young boys. First, I like to check their medication. Both are asthmatic and I want to be sure that their prescription is filled and we have a large enough supply for the trip. Next, I typically check the weather and pack accordingly. I always make a packing list. Last and probably most important are the movies and snacks. My T’s are pretty simple, so we usually have goldfish, fruit snacks, yogurt, and juice boxes while watching Mickey Mouse Club House or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Other things to consider:
• Pet Sitter/Boarding – Sorry, we’re not packing an 80 lbs. Doberman in the car with us.
• Car Maintenance – My husband is usually responsible for this.
• Tolls/Rest Stops – We travel to Pennsylvania frequently, so we always have exact change for the toll roads and have pinpointed certain towns/cities that we like to stop and eat in.
• Plan Around the Kids – Oftentimes, we leave at night and drive while they’re asleep.
• Chargers/GPS – No explanation needed, but I do like to bring a hard copy of directions along.
• Other Must Haves – Lysol wipes, Boogie wipes, trash bags, blankets, pillows, and yoga pants. Mommy must be comfy!

Fortunately, the T’s are pretty great riders, but, that never stops me from being prepared.

Have I missed anything? I’d love to hear your input.

One thought on “T is for Trip!

  1. I can only imagine the trip with 2 little ones. I’m in my 30’s and detest sitting for long periods of time. You guys are awesomely brave. I’m trying to pull myself together for the 40 minute trip up to Ford City with my 2 boys for the 4th. Happy and safe travels!


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