Cheers to Change

As a working mother, I have become accustomed to being flexible and making changes. Change is constant and it is not always easy or welcomed. It could be something as simple as a sick child or something drastic like a career change and relocation. With those changes, I always have to take into consideration my husband and the T’s. Every change or decision that affects Mom is going to affect our household. With that being said, I recently accepted a new position at the company I am currently employed with. Rewind to 7 years ago. If the hiring manager called me and offered me the position, I would have said YES without hesitation. Today, not so much.

Upon receiving the job offer, I kindly told the hiring manager that I needed some time and asked if it would be alright to give her my answer the following day. That evening, I spoke with my husband. Typically what we like to do is write out a pro’s versus con list. Yes, we do this for every major decision – cars, house, and careers. We talk candidly and go back for forth weighing the positives and negatives and playing out different scenarios. Particularly in this instance, there were not any negatives and I accepted the position.

By no means am I an expert decision maker or communicator. What I do know is that change is always going to touch our family and as a family we need to address those changes openly, honestly and work through them as unit.

Cheers to change!

T is for Trip!

It won’t be long before the T’s and I make our annual Fourth of July trip to Ford City, Pennsylvania. I absolutely love the Fourth of July; the parade, the fireworks and particularly my grandmother’s homemade ice cream! I have got to master that recipe, but that’s beside the point.

There are so many details that go into planning a 10 hour road trip with two young boys. First, I like to check their medication. Both are asthmatic and I want to be sure that their prescription is filled and we have a large enough supply for the trip. Next, I typically check the weather and pack accordingly. I always make a packing list. Last and probably most important are the movies and snacks. My T’s are pretty simple, so we usually have goldfish, fruit snacks, yogurt, and juice boxes while watching Mickey Mouse Club House or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Other things to consider:
• Pet Sitter/Boarding – Sorry, we’re not packing an 80 lbs. Doberman in the car with us.
• Car Maintenance – My husband is usually responsible for this.
• Tolls/Rest Stops – We travel to Pennsylvania frequently, so we always have exact change for the toll roads and have pinpointed certain towns/cities that we like to stop and eat in.
• Plan Around the Kids – Oftentimes, we leave at night and drive while they’re asleep.
• Chargers/GPS – No explanation needed, but I do like to bring a hard copy of directions along.
• Other Must Haves – Lysol wipes, Boogie wipes, trash bags, blankets, pillows, and yoga pants. Mommy must be comfy!

Fortunately, the T’s are pretty great riders, but, that never stops me from being prepared.

Have I missed anything? I’d love to hear your input.

You Spilled What?

Hawaiian Punch, coffee, diet Mountain Dew, salsa, wine, projectile vomit; you name it and it has been on my floor! I use to take pride in having a neat and orderly home, but with a husband, two boys and a Doberman, there is only so much a Mom can do. And quite frankly, it is exhausting trying to keep up with every drip of “red” juice or Cheerio crumb spilled. Embarrassed, frustrated and tired of always cleaning up messes, I implemented a new rule; “no food or drinks in the den” and quickly scheduled an appointment for our carpets to be steam cleaned.

It took my three year old telling my husband, “you can’t eat in there” and the carpet cleaning professional saying, “this is not bad” for me to realize, it really is not that bad. When I look back, every stain, drip and spill has a wonderful memory attached to it. And isn’t that what parenting is about, making memories? Are my T’s really going to remember who dropped a chip with salsa on it? Or will they remember the family playing Taboo on Christmas Eve? I reckon the latter.

There is a saying, “Good Moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles and happy kids” and I’m making the choice to embrace it, crumbs and all.

Summer Heat Safety

As I went to pick up the T’s from daycare, I could not help but notice how stifling hot it was outside! While I was driving and sweating, my mind wandered to many of the high profile cases where children were left inside sweltering hot cars. Sure, we have all seen the signs on the interstate or at the local grocer reminding us to, “Double Check.” While these reminders are very important, we have to keep in mind that the car is not the only thing that poses a risk to our little ones. It could be a hot day at recess or the church car wash fundraiser. Either way, our loved ones rely on us to keep them cool and hydrated.

Below are some tips on how to stay safe this summer.
– Never leave infants or children in a parked car, even if the  windows are open.

– Never leave pets in a parked car. They can suffer heat-related illness too.

– Dress infants and children in loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

– Seek medical care immediately if your child has symptoms of heat-related illness.

For more information on heat, infants, and children or to learn more about the symptoms of heat related illness please visit the Centers for Disease Control’s website.

Source: The Centers for Disease Control

The Dalton Days of Summer

School is out and we have entered “the dog days of summer.” Although my T’s are still in daycare and do not quite enjoy summer break; my family loves to take advantage of the hot Dalton summers.

One of our favorite and free activities is to visit the local parks in Dalton; typically Harlan Godfrey Civitan Park and Heritage Point Regional Park. Whether my T’s are swinging, riding bicycles or falling in mud puddles, there is plenty of fun to go around!

What are some of your family’s favorite activities to do over summer break?